His interest in synthesizers was born a long time ago when his nephew from Rotterdam had a synthesizer.

This sparked his interest and a passion for music-making was born. At the same time, the -worldwide known- house scene also started to emerge in Rotterdam (turn up the bass, raugh roots, real recognize real!) He bought this cool house music at that time in the form of cassette tapes.

When he moved to the north of the Netherlands he came into contact with scream trackers. With this one could make music by cutting samples which he found very cool to do. One of my his devices was a virus C, a little later he bought a couple of monitors (KRK V8). These are still pumping in his studio.

Working with DAW’s turned into working with Cubase. More and more equipment was added over the years and it grew into a real professional studio, hist ‘cockpit’ that he’s proud of.

Currently he produces many styles of music. He has a wide music taste including hip-hop, dubstep, house, techno and more… Producing music is his greatest passion and he hope’s to reach as many people as possible with it.

May many enjoy his art!

Mag O.’s passion for music started from an early age influenced by her family, friends and her curiosity.
Her taste for almost all kinds of music since she was a child made her appreciate and refine her skills in the music world which improved her needs for creation.Mag was born in Portugal.

After attending electronic festivals and shows, from her 16th birthday on, she became addicted to electronic music. She followed her main influences such as Anja Schneider, Amelie Lens, Hot Since 82, Joe Red and Richie Hawtin. She explored their work, added their tracks to her playlists and listened endlessly until she realized this is a part of her world and soul.

Her tracks are mainly characterized by dark, strong bass lines and dynamic drums and melodies. The goal of her tracks is to make dancers feel free and wild.

His love for electronic music arises in the 90’s with the appearance of the game changers “Daft Punk”.
Since then, it has been an incredible experience for him to appreciate all genres and aspects of electronic music.
Despite being passionate about all kinds of electronic music, is the Techno aspect that we see most in his work.
He is inspired by iconic figures from the world of electronic music like Richie Hawtin, Anja Schneider and Kerri Chandler.His tracks are characteristic for having dark and energetic basslines, appealing short vocals, and a four-on-the-floor grooving vibe.

Despawn’s interest in music started at a very young age, playing melodies heard on the radio on his toy piano. A deep love for electronic dance music started with the Eurodance movement of the nineties when he also had his own small drive-in show with a friend, playing mostly commercial dance music. A turning point came in the early 2000’s when he got a taste of the underground dance scene, especially the progressive house sound as was played by Dutch artists such as Lemon8, Lucien Foort and Sander Kleinenberg. 

His tracks mostly share a dark vibe as well as a driving groove. The energy of his tracks reflects his passion for progressive house, as well as his broad interest in dance music, bringing influences from deep- and organic house to his productions.

His style can be best described as Ibiza, Chill Progressive House, of which he has produced a number of tracks and released a number of mixes.
He draws his inspiration from artists such as Cid Inc, Yotto, Jaap Ligthart, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Maurits Colijn.

Besides DJ’ing and producing he is also the proud owner of the Libertas and Libertas Raw labels, on which numerous talented producers have released their music.